89-Year-Old Woman Walks Into A Gym And Leaves Everyone SPEECHLESS!!

by Scott Neumyer
Scott Neumyer is a journalist, photographer, and bacon lover from central New Jersey.

Who’s in the mood for a little inspiration? Well, an 89-year-old woman who can still move like she’s 20 has you covered!

You may already know the name Johanna Quass from a few years ago when several YouTube videos of her training at 86 years old went viral online. The German-born gymnast began training in the sport at a very early age, and started competing in gymnastics all the way back in 1934. Quaas went on to coach many gymnasts throughout Germany, including Olympians Barbara Dix-Stolz and Christel Felgner-Wunder, and even made an appearance on a German TV show after her viral video hits in 2012.

Now, the woman that The Guinness Book of World Records has dubbed the world’s “oldest gymnast” has returned to prove once again that age is no more than an arbitrary number. This video shows the now-89-year-old Quaas performing a bar exercise at the Gymnastics Training Camp in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

In front of a crowd of young gymnasts, the incredibly spry Quaas amazes everyone in the gym (and everyone watching on YouTube) as she goes through the performance with flair! Not only is the video inspiring, but it’s also proof positive that age alone doesn’t have to hold anyone back. Way to go, Johanna!

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