8-Year-Old Goes As Her Hero, ‘Inside Edition’ Anchor Deborah Norville, For Halloween

by Kelly Glass
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Dani Stidham, 8, stood out on Halloween this year. She didn’t dress as anything spooky or any sort of pop culture reference or viral sensation.

She simply dressed as her own personal hero: Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville.

This costume is a lot different from what the average 8-year-old usually sports for trick-or-treating, which is what makes it super special. A picture posted by her parents, Starla and Eric Stidman, shows Dani happily posing in her costume, and surprisingly, the photo was noticed by Deborah herself.

The anchor from Inside Edition was so moved by it that she arranged a video call between the two.

During the call, Dani didn’t hold back her admiration as a fan of the anchor. “I watch you every single day and I like how you talk about the show,” Dani told Deborah. The costume choice came as no surprise to Dani’s parents.

“I thought it would be a perfect fit for her because she does, every night at 7:30 when it airs at our home, she’s got to have Inside Edition on,” her mom said. It was a well-planned-out idea from the clothes to the microphone flag, and it even displayed a logo of the Inside Edition brand.

The conversation between Dani and Deborah went rather well, with the two realizing they were alike in many ways. The 8-year-old also talked about how she wants to become a newscaster someday. 

See Dani, the 8-year-old aspiring newscaster, as her hero Deborah Norville in the video. 

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