8-Foot Cobra Slithers Out Of Toilet, Terrifies Neighbors When No One Can Catch Him

by Rebekka Spiller
Rebekka is a small town girl making her way through the Big Apple. She previously has worked at Shape Magazine and She loves cozying up under her cat bedding with a new book and is currently involved in a maddening love affair with Ben and Jerry's.

There are a lot of terrible things that can make their way into your toilet bowl, but this one may just snake its way up to the top of the list. In an apartment complex in South Africa, a resident noticed something slithering up through their toilet bowl: an eight-foot poisonous snouted cobra.

Immediately, they dialed up Barry Greenshields, a snake catcher, who made his way over to check out the situation. As he reaches into the bowl with his long clamped rod, the residents watch in horror and fascination.

“Hmmm, that is big,” remarks a voice in the background, chuckling nervously. As Greenshields tugs at the snake with gentle force, lifting it slowly into the air, the snake’s body continues on like a never-ending kerchief rope in a magician’s trunk.

“Oh, my goodness,” a voice exclaims in a tone clearly several octaves higher than normal. “He is a monster!”

As the snake catcher pulls its body toward the long cylinder on the floor, the snake begins to retract its body, then strikes the edge of the container with venomous aggression.

“Oooh, he just bit,” another voice states.

A woman’s voice filled with concern asks, “He bit who?!”

The man chuckles before informing her that it was just the container.

Greenshields makes a few more attempts to maneuver the snake’s head into the cylinder, but the snake is too powerful and shakes loose.

It then makes its way back into the pipeline, leaving an entire building in fear. According to News24, the snake is currently still zigzagging its way through the pipeline. Residents are now debating whether they should take ridding themselves of the reptile into their own hands!

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