She’s Known For Becoming ‘Fattest Woman In World’ Until She Gets Pregnant And Turns Life Around

by Amy Paige
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Monica Riley of Fort Worth, Texas, created a buzz when she made her personal mission public: to literally become too heavy to move.

With her boyfriend’s help, Monica would consume 10,000 calories every day, going so far as to drink high-caloric milkshakes through a funnel.

When Monica tipped the scales at 700 pounds, she was on her way to achieving her dream of being the fattest woman in the world and bedridden. “That was the life that I wanted for myself — being fat, getting to eat whatever I wanted, feeling like a queen.”

After her first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage and heartbreak, Monica and her partner Sid decided to keep on trying.

By this point, she had fallen into a deep depression, and she realized her weight most likely contributed to the miscarriages.

Monica learned she was pregnant again in March 2017. And so the 29-year-old finally decided to make some major changes in order to be a healthy, active mother.

Watch the video below to see what happened to Monica and her baby after she started to take her health more seriously.

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