‘Brave’ 7-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Uses Diagnosis To Raise Money For Pediatric Patients

by Sarah Bregel
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Age is just a number. That saying really holds true when it comes to 7-year-old cancer survivor Emerson Hoogendoorn, whose name means “brave.” The child, who is suffering from brain cancer, is definitely brave regardless of being so young.

Not only is she battling her disease, she also decided to give back to other patients who are in need while she’s at it.

Rather than sulking, Emerson became an entrepreneur instead, hoping to brighten the days of kids who are being treated while they’re in the hospital. So she started selling, well, just about anything she could to raise money for pediatric cancer patients like herself.

Lemonade, bracelets, cookies, T-shirts, and even wind chimes are just some of the items Emerson has sold to raise money for kids.

She makes crafts while she is visiting with her grandparents, and her sweet idea is helping tons of kids at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“I went to the doctor because I had double-vision and then I kept getting headaches,” Emerson said. But despite the diagnosis, she’s definitely a fighter. Her grandmother says Emerson is on an experimental medication that has shrunk her tumor to 12%!

It’s definitely great news, because this little cancer survivor certainly has a lot more to do. Not only does she raise money to give children new toys because the hospital is pretty boring, she says, but she is also giving back to the research organization that has helped save her own life, too.

Footage provided by WXMI Grand Rapid

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