60 Inspiring Quote Tattoos That Aren’t Cheesy

by CafeMom

We’re all about new beginnings, and while the inspirational quotes found inside our weekly planners and daily journals can help give us that #MondayMotivation, when the going gets tough, sometimes taking that inspirational quote a step further can definitely keep the good vibes going all year long.

Sure, motivational plaques or wall decals can definitely bring some good energy to any home or work space, but inspirational quote tattoos can also provide lots of motivation for the entire year, especially since they are a bit more permanent — and super pretty to look at.

If getting a tattoo is definitely on the do list, know that getting a quote tattoo can be all sorts of inspiring, especially since there are tons of encouraging quotes (from books, TV shows, and movies!) out there that will satisfy almost any personality.

And whether they are placed on the wrists, arms, or back, quote tattoos can be both big or small (we’re obsessed with minimalist tattoos btw) to help give that much-needed motivation on the daily. Another exciting part about quote tattoos is definitely the calligraphy aspect, as there are a ton of gorgeous script fonts that can help take any quote tattoo to the next level. Yes, we’re talking fonts that make the tattoo look like it was typed out from a typewriter or others that appear like it was written from a poet’s calligraphy pen.

Looking for the perfect quote tattoo this year? Here are some fab ideas that are sure to take the positive affirmations up a notch.

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Reminding us to stay in the present, this minimalist quote tattoo is definitely the grounding thing we all need to hear sometimes.

Although this gorgeous script quote is placed across the collarbone, it can really be placed anywhere on the body to remind us of its important message.

Coming off a bad breakup? This tattoo teaches us the importance of loving and respecting ourselves more.

Inspired by one of Maya Angelou’s most famous poems, this quote can always inspire one to keep moving forward.

Let’s face it: Deep and powerful inspiration never looked better.

Beatles lovers will adore this pretty (and not to mention wise) tattoo idea.

This tattoo is sure to keep the female forward vibes going strong.

Making a huge career change this year? This tattoo reminds us that sometimes taking that big risk is definitely worth the rewards it will soon reap.

Disney-obsessed babes will love this Cinderella tattoo, which definitely gives off a great message.

Maybe the struggle is supposed to be real after all.

Perfect for new moms, this thought-provoking tattoo definitely reminds us of the importance of the family we have in our lives.

Another Disney lover’s delight, this quote tattoo can be placed on two parts of the body to form an inspiring message.

Self-care is really important, and this tattoo definitely reminds us to take care of ourselves when we need it most.

Letting go of the past can be tough, but this quote tattoo can give us the helpful insight we need when we get stuck on the would haves/should haves.

‘Cause after all, sometimes faith is all we really have in this life.

White ink quote tattoos can definitely make tattoos look they are engraved in the skin.

Although staying 10 steps ahead seems appealing, taking things one step at a time is what this quote is all about.

Finding inner strength can be complicated, but hopefully this tattoo can help give that inner push we all need sometimes.

It’s safe to say that this tattoo reminds us to unleash our mischievous side every now and then.

Got workout goals to achieve this year? This motivational tattoo is sure to keep us in the gym all year long.

This quote tattoo is sure to keep that fighter spirit burning when we need to stand up for ourselves or for others.

Whether it’s on the wrist or on the ankles, this inspirational quote can give us that big burst of fearless energy whenever we need it most.

The journey may be long, but this Coldplay-inspired tattoo teaches us that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Need more positive vibes this year? This inspirational quote tattoo can definitely chase away that unwanted negativity.

Sometimes the best thing to do in life is to keep calm and carry on.

Keep on top of the fitness game this year thanks to this super-inspiring tattoo.

Sometimes the biggest risks in life are the best choices we come to make.

This tattoo totally points out that we all need a big push every now and then.

Seriously, life’s already a wild ride, so why not enjoy it?

Sometimes the road least traveled is the best road to take in life.

This inspiring quote tattoo will definitely speak to all the writers out there.

This quote tattoo reminds us that the long roads of life always lead us to the best destinations.

Whether it’s placed on the arm, or on the back, this quote tattoo definitely gives the pep talk we all need now and then.

Even when the end seems inevitable, this quote tattoo teaches us that the possibilities are still limitless.

Even though it’s hard to hear, sometimes being alone isn’t always a bad thing.

This quote tattoo literally translates to remember to live.

Need the sky’s the limit kind of inspo? This deep quote tattoo will certainly do the job.

Owls are known for being pretty wise creatures, so take a cue from this smart bird and always keep hope close to your heart.

Loss can be hard, but this quote tattoo idea definitely pays tribute to the loved ones we’ve lost in life.

Sometimes music speaks louder than words.

This badass tattoo reminds us to embrace all those flaws we may not be proud of.

We all aren’t perfect, so perhaps we all should be trying to make better mistakes instead.

Even through loss and hardship, this quote tattoo gives the strength to push forward.

Survivors of life-threatening situations, disease, or abuse can definitely appreciate this moving quote tattoo idea.

Another grounding tattoo idea, this clever anchor design can be placed wherever one chooses.

Life can be challenging at times, but it’s important to remember that it can also be very beautiful.

Sometimes we all need to the see the positive a little more often in life.

Even when we’re feeling all sorts of fearful, this quote tattoo reminds us to go through life unafraid.

No matter the obstacles, a wild heart can always pull through the worst.

Marilyn Monroe couldn’t have said it better.

On those days when self-doubt screams too loudly, a quick glance at this tat will silence it.

This is a simple but beautiful reminder that, no matter what happens, the best days of life are still ahead.

It’s the message Dr. Seuss always tried to give us when we were kids, only much more stylish and eloquent.

Never quit. That’s the message behind this elegant quote that’s perfect for whatever battle someone is fighting.

Sometimes the very best things in life come from the biggest challenges we face.

Life is short, and we only get one. This tattoo is a reminder to make each day count.

This one is a pretty reminder with a powerful meaning. Don’t be silent.

This one is a permanent reminder that how we deal with adversity is what shows us who we truly are.

This is another clever way of saying it’s the hard times in life that make us stronger. It’d look even cooler with a little anchor.

Caring is good, but not when it forces us to change who we are to make other people happy. Sometimes, it’s OK to care less.