5 Things You Can Make From Light Bulbs

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

If you’ve upgraded your house to energy efficient light bulbs or are planning to, then you’re probably ready to throw away those old bulbs.

But wait!

Courtesy of YouTube channel Shake The Future, you’re about to learn how to hollow out a light bulb and use the exterior for multi-purpose functionality. There are many different things you can make from the shell of a used light bulbs.

The video below explains each of these five amazing tips and tricks:

1. Use a light bulb for a dispenser which holds small items like paper clips or thumbtacks.

2. Create an adorable flower vase with the help of a round cookie cutter.

3. Turn your unusable bulb into the home of a solar light that can be hung where the sun can reach it.

4. Make a fully-functioning oil lamp (but never leave it unattended!)

5. Upgrade your cheap corkscrew with a super creative light bulb wine bottle opener. This is so cool!

Some tips via Shake The Future:

“You can get high temperature glues and sealents from your local hardware shop. If you don’t glue the washer, it not a big deal.

“To make the corkscrew, I had to melt Instamorph moldable plastic in the oven. It took a while until Instamorph granules melted together.”

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