5 Predictions About The Future That Could Possibly Come True — No. 3 is Terrifying!

by Olivia Romero
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Nostradamus was believed to have an incredible gift for seeing into the future and recording what would happen.

Many of his predictions have been linked to previous events in history — such as World War II and the Great Fire of London — but in this video we get an insights into five prophecies that haven’t actually happened yet. Could these be predictions of the future? Do you think any of these could happen?

We have all heard our fair share of zombie talk, and although Nostradamus never mentions the word zombie in his prophecies, he does predict that the dead will rise from their graves.

No specific year is given, but others have predicted that his writing suggests that the number seven and the age of millennial is perhaps key to the year potentially being 7000. Nostradamus researchers believe that some sort of medicine or disease will be the cause for the dead to rise. Could it be a virus like Ebola? Will it be something much worse?

Nostradamus also believed that communications between humans and animals will be quite possible in the future. There have already been many attempts to establish advancements in communication with animals, and many people already believe it is possible.

Men such as Nero and Hitler have already been named the antichrist, but one of Nostradamus’ prophecies has led to the indication that there will be a third antichrist more evil than the first two combined who will cause massive annihilation on a global scale.

Based off some of his predictions that have already been linked to previous events, is there any room to believe that any of these five predictions in the below video will happen as well? What do you think?

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