Party Stylist Shares Tips For Throwing Kid-Friendly 4th Of July Party With A Gorgeous Tablescape

by Angela Andaloro

Fourth of July party time is almost upon us, and many Americans are excited. Any cause for celebration feels like a good one during this trying time.

Patriotic families may be looking for a way to have a fun-filled intimate celebration.

Thankfully, party stylist and entertaining expert Melissa Johnson has you covered. Melissa has masterfully crafted so many beautiful experiences. She shares those breathtaking creations on her site, Best Friends for Frosting. In celebration of Independence Day, Melissa has shared her tips on throwing a 4th of July Party kids will love. She also shared her tips on creating a beautiful 4th of July Tablescape.

“With the kids out of school and the whole summer right in front of us, the 4th of July is the perfect way to kick off summer fun with a party!” Melissa said.

“Things are a bit different this year, and we’re definitely not throwing as big of a party as normal, but I still wanted to find a way to get into the festive spirit!”

4th of july party

Melissa Johnson has embraced every occasion for celebration with her masterful parties. A party stylist and entertaining expert, Melissa shares her creative designs on her site, Best Friends for Frosting.

Melissa is sharing her fun-filled 4th of July party ideas with LittleThings.

4th of july

Melissa suggests festive table decorations as a simple way to get everyone in the spirit of the holiday. For her table, Melissa used Adams & Co. decor. The adorable balloon arrangement was made by Hip + Hooray.

“Setting up a 4th of July table is SUPER easy! It only takes a few items to bring the party together,” she noted.

The decor sets the mood for a party, but food takes it to the next level. “For party foods, we busted out everything red, white, and blue! We made super simple hot dogs, and the kids got to enjoy their favorite sugar cookies,” Melissa said.

“It’s all about making it fun, but also quick and easy. No shame in store-bought cookies over here! Plus, these sprinkles are SO cute!”

4th of july party

For the fun blue drinks, Melissa suggests using blue Hawaiian Punch or blue Gatorade. Moms can also add a hint of blue coloring to any lighter-colored drinks kids enjoy. Melissa’s kids and her dog seemed to have a blast with their patriotic, intimate setup!

4th of july party

Melissa also has tips if you’re looking for a more mature but equally patriotic tablescape.

“If you know me, you know how much I LOVE being able to decorate a table for parties!” she said.

“I love decorations that are versatile and can be used in many ways. Truly, even the simplest of decorations can make all the difference!”

4th of july party

To set your table, Melissa recommends using your favorite tablecloths that work with your red, white, and blue color scheme. She chose a blue and white striped tablecloth, which she paired with a festive table runner. Those sweet balloon arrangements even added to the Americana environment.

4th of july party fruit tray

Melissa also went with 4th of July-themed treats to share with her family. She started with this 4th of July Fruit Tray. For the stripes, Melissa placed alternating lines of strawberries and yogurt-covered pretzels. In the corner was a square bowl that was filled with blueberries.

“Seriously, this came together in just minutes, and I can’t get over how fun it is!” Melissa gushed.

4th of july cake

Melissa also whipped up a scrumptious-looking 4th of July Cake. She made a simple angel food cake, but she also says she’s used store-bought.

“Making desserts for my friends and family is seriously one of my favorite things to do. But over time I’ve realized, sometimes life gets a little too crazy to even try an elaborate recipe,” she acknowledged.

“I have to remind myself that it’s okay to use store-bought items to make it easier. In the end, nobody is going to remember you brought a semi store-bought dessert. They’re going to remember how delicious it was and the thought that went into it!”

The cake is iced with two containers of Cool Whip. It’s topped with strawberries and blueberries.

4th of july party

With a newly spruced-up backyard, Melissa is looking forward to spending a lot of time outside this summer. “This has been the perfect excuse to spend more time in our backyard, especially now that it’s been redone,” she said.

“We used to rarely use it! But with a new outdoor table and chairs to match, it was definitely time!”

Melissa started Best Friends for Frosting because she’s always been a natural entertaining expert. She grew up loving to bake and decorate with her family on special occasions. Now she’s taking life up on every opportunity to do the same with her own family.