49-Pound Chihuahua Mix Loses 37 Pounds And Doesn’t Even Look Like The Same Dog Anymore

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

When I got my dog from a shelter a year and a half ago, her adoption papers said she had a “soft, wiggly body.”

Although she was only a year old, her previous owner was convinced that she didn’t like dog food, so she was only fed human food.

Of course, this made her gain weight. Unless you’re a dog nutritionist, you probably shouldn’t be feeding your dog homemade food. Dogs require certain nutrients that are carefully calculated in dog food, so if you solely feed them human food, they may not be getting what they need in their diet.

A Chihuahua mix named Carmelite was a terrific example of how not to feed your pet. Carmelite’s owners often fed her fast food, which made her balloon up to 49 pounds!

When new owners started caring for her, they put her on a strict diet of dog food and started her on an exercise regimen.

Now, Carmelite is so much happier and healthier. She’s lost a total of 37 pounds and now weighs in at just 12 pounds, a much more normal weight for a Chihuahua mix.

Watch the video below to see Carmelite’s incredible transformation and to find out how she dropped more than 75% of her body weight!

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Photo: Rachael Ray Show

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