4-Year-Old With Autism Reveals How He Sees The World With Beautiful Photography

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Giving people a creative outlet allows them to express their point of view in a way they may not be able to with words alone.

Art helps people emote, heal, and seek happiness in their own unique way, while producing something that they find beautiful.

One of the most expressive artistic mediums is photography. Through portraits, abstract images, or Photoshopped creations, photographers can let their audiences in on the world through their eyes.

They can also create entirely new, fantastical worlds like what this photographer did for these kids with cancer.

It can also help people understand the perspectives of individuals on the autism spectrum a little more clearly.

This was the case for Lauren Casper, who let her son Mareto shoot his very own photos with her camera. 

What he captured is a collection of shots that depict his creativity, his aesthetic, and the people that he loves.

Check below to see Mareto’s amazing photos.

[H/T: The Mighty]

“I’m so thankful I decided early on in my children’s lives to say yes whenever possible,” explains mother and photographer Lauren Casper on The Mighty.

One of the many things she has said “yes” to is giving her 4-year-old son Mareto the chance to snap pictures with her camera. 

Having been diagnosed with autism, Mareto’s photos offer a little bit of life from his perspective.

“I love seeing what he thinks is important, interesting, valuable and worthy of a picture,” says Casper. 

The photos are a fun glimpse into his family members’ lives as well as the mind of Mareto, who creates his own interesting compositions and subject matter like his photo-savvy mother.

His parents and siblings are frequently subjects in the shots, though many times they are caught candidly.

Being a big fan of trains and trucks, he captures his favorite hobbies and toys at dynamic angles.

In fact, he seems to be a fan of anything with wheels!

He enjoys the ceiling fan, which he watches spin around and around while it’s turned on.

The colorful crepe paper dances around with the spinning air, making a cool, whimsical spectacle.

And the bright colors on the television are an obvious draw.

He even explores photographic subjects that are all the way down on the floor and hard to see or appreciate.

Some of the them even incorporate light to create images that mirror those of photographers far more experienced than he is.

Since allowing him to snap around with her DSLR, Casper has loved emptying out her camera’s contents onto the computer to see what surprise images await.

“Every time I dump the photos from my camera to my computer I enjoy going through to find his little treasures,” she explains.

She lets him capture images in the car, like this one with the light bouncing around the windows.

And his little sister in her car seat!

His attention to light and color in the rug comes out in this cool shot.

And, like most photographers, he even sneaks in a self portrait, cleverly concealed with the camera’s flash.

The photos offer an exceptional perspective and display his eye for interesting subjects, loved ones, and beauty in unexpected places.

Giving someone the chance to express their point of view to the world often yields the most profound and interesting products, as Casper has shown by simply saying “yes.”

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