97-Year-Old Woman Goes Missing, 4 Neighborhood Kids Team Up To Find Her When No One Else Can

by Amy Paige
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Glenneta Belford went missing in Roseville, California, on a Monday afternoon.

Glenneta is 97 years old, and since she has dementia and is mostly nonverbal, the police department acted quickly.

As soon as they asked the community to help them locate her, dozens of concerned residents were more than happy to search the area for the missing woman.

Ten-year-old Logan Hultman heard through a helicopter announcement that police were searching for a 97-year-old woman. He and his friends jumped on their bikes and set out to find her themselves.

During their search, Logan fell off his bike — but that didn’t stop him. He bandaged up his cuts and scrapes, ate a quick dinner at home, and returned to the task at hand.

These kids refused to give up until Glenneta was found safe.

Then the 911 dispatchers received a phone call that left them and the rest of the community amazed.

Footage provided by KTXL Sacramento

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