Woman Has 4 Babies In Giant Belly When She Tells Doctor To Take Them Out 4 Weeks Early

by Amy Paige
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In 2014, Ivanna and David went in for their first prenatal ultrasound. The Miami couple thought they were pregnant with only one baby — but quickly learned otherwise.

Ivanna’s doctor realized she wasn’t pregnant with a single baby. She was pregnant with twins!

No, wait… triplets!

Actually — it was quadruplets. Four precious heartbeats. At first, she and David thought their medical team was pulling some kind of prank.

Ivanna and David knew two things: the pregnancy would be extremely high-risk, and statistics indicate that the average quadruplets often make their debut at 31 weeks.

But at just 27 weeks into the pregnancy, the doctor had some heartbreaking news.

One of the unborn babies wasn’t getting enough oxygen through the placenta, and the outlook was bleak.

Ivanna and David were then given a monumental choice, and they had to make up their minds as quickly as possible:

“You need to make the decision right now: if you want to keep going with the pregnancy and one of the babies will die in your belly, or go ahead and take them out.”

Ivanna instantly knew what she wanted to do. She told the doctor to take her babies out that very same day, knowing they only had a 40% chance of survival.

The couple prepared for the worst and summoned a priest to baptize their dying newborn son.

What happened next, doctors say they can’t medically explain…

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