3D Tattoos – Shocking & Incredibly Beautiful

by Nicole Piering

When you think of tattoos, you probably immediately think of the typical choices: a cross, a Chinese symbol or a heart with a name on it.

Maybe you’re a little more creative and think of a familiar quote, a cartoon character or someone’s portrait. Or, perhaps, you think of our article debunking the negative stereotypes associated with tattooed parents. However, tattoos can get even crazier and extend from two dimensions into three with some creativity, artistry and unexpected uses of shading. In fact, these 3D tattoos look so downright realistic that they’ll absolutely blow your mind.

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1. While some may choose to carve pumpkins, this tattoo depicts a perfectly - and oddly beautiful - leg o'lantern.

carved leg tattoo

I had to do a double-take. This elegant design conjures visions of beautiful lace, or even elegantly curling wrought iron.

2. This tattoo is way more than skin-deep.

zipper shoulder 3d tattoo

It looks like a zipper that you’d find on a leather jacket, but it opens to reveal sinewy muscle. Yikes.

3. This is something straight out of "Goosebumps!"

zipper claw 3d tattoo

Yet another metallic zipper design… Something tells me this tattoo has a hidden meaning about the beast within.

4. Bringing new meaning to the term "Green Eyed Monster."

green eyed monster

This sapphire-eyed monster could use some dental work.