Photographer Swaddles A Grown Woman For Her Best Friend’s ‘336 Month’ Birthday Shoot

by Angela Andaloro

Baby photo shoots are serious business these days. It seems like just about every baby born in recent history starts out life with a modeling session.

The shoots produce some beautiful and truly priceless pictures. Parents treasure these first photos of their babies forever. The shoots are often so stylish and serene that they can make an adult jealous. When one grown woman joked with her photographer friend about doing a shoot like that herself, she had no idea her friend would actually make it happen.

Nicole Ham of South Carolina was talking with her best friend, Stephanie Smith, about the milestone baby photo shoots that so many of us see on our feeds.

Stephanie is the owner of Southern Stitched Photography. The friends discussed how a birthday can seem uneventful for a single 28-year-old inundated with news of her peers’ engagements, weddings, and babies. That’s when they decided to do a very special photo shoot for Nicole’s 28th birthday (aka her 336-month birthday) that no one will soon forget.

Nicole wanted to do something unique to mark her 28th birthday. She got together with friend and photographer Stephanie Smith, owner of Southern Stitched Photography, and came up with a totally unique idea.

During an interview with Good Morning America, Stephanie recounted the story of how the idea came to them.

“Being 28 and single, one day you wake up and your newsfeed is flooded with engagements, baby announcements, and weddings,” she explained.

These milestones are all accompanied by lavish photo shoots that end up littering everyone’s newsfeeds.

“I was scrolling on my newsfeed and about four or five in a row were those newborn [monthly] milestones,” Nicole recalled. “So I said, ‘Wow. How many months will I be on the 29th?'”

Her longtime pal Stephanie instantly fell in love with the idea.

“I was sold. It was to make light of the trend,” the photographer explained. “It was really hard to keep a straight face the entire time.”

The results are priceless. Nicole is swaddled in a huge blanket like so many newborns are in these shoots.

She even wears a floral headpiece, much like the most fashionable of these model babies. A wreath was crafted around her to complete the vibe.

Of course, no milestone photo shoot would be complete without a letter board.

This one for Nicole reads, “336 months old. Loves – Champagne. Hates – Dating in 2018. Go Tigers!”

The two friends obviously had an amazing time executing the shoot. As it went viral, they found out they weren’t the only ones who had that idea.

Many fans of the viral photo shoot replied with their own attempts at spoofing common baby milestones. One woman shared that she gave her mom her own adult footprint to commemorate “Baby’s 35th Christmas.”

Another staged a similar photo shoot with her grandma. The impromptu picture marked her 1,074-month milestone. Now that’s certainly an accomplishment!

Then there was this man, who posed with one of the milestone chalkboards. Fishing and fiancées aren’t a baby’s typical first interests, but they seem to grow into them around the 324-month mark.

Of course, no baby-inspired photo shoot roundup would be complete without a cake smash. Sounds like the perfect way to ring in 40, honestly!

These fun-loving photo shoots are a testament to how people are looking at aging and milestones differently. Why should babies get to have all the fun anyway?

A lot of people loved the idea of Nicole’s photo shoot. Of course, it was hilarious. And after yet another year of successfully surviving adulting, don’t we all wish we could be swaddled just one more time?