Ice Cream Shop Blasts Liquid Nitrogen Into Dessert For Beyond-Tasty Results

by Karen Ruffini
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One of my absolute favorite cold treats to enjoy is ice cream. I could eat it every day, even in the winter (I nearly fell over when I saw Ben & Jerry’s new vegan-friendly ice cream flavors).

But just when you thought that your favorite after-dinner snack couldn’t get any colder… -321 Ice Cream in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is clearly up to the challenge.

Using liquid nitrogen, this ice cream shop flash-freezes the ice cream base at — you guessed it — below 321 degrees Fahrenheit, creating a creamier and smoother texture than your average scoop.

Co-founder Allen Ruan explains what made him open up shop. “There aren’t any liquid nitrogen ice cream shops in New York, and we figured that we wanted to bring this concept to the East Coast.” While liquid nitrogen is often used in high-end restaurants, -321 Ice Cream provides the same experience in an open-kitchen setting, where you can see for yourself just how it’s made.

And don’t worry, liquid nitrogen is safe to use when you have the proper equipment. “Nitrogen makes up 75 percent of the air that we breathe,” Ruan explains. “It’s odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic.”

Though the art of using liquid nitrogen with food has been made recently popular, it’s been around for longer than you think — at least twenty years.

Watch the video below to see just how cool this chilly guilty pleasure is!

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