They’ve Had 30 Negative Pregnancy Tests. On His Late Mom’s Birthday, They Finally Get A Miracle

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Sometimes, you might pass by a pregnancy test video or a pregnancy announcement because they can be repetitive.

And even slightly predictable.

But this video is the furthest from both of those things.

Brittany and Jeremy Bay have taken 30 pregnancy tests already, and those were all repetitive in it being negative results. But this video highlights the one, unpredictable, positive that they got.

After Jeremy battled cancer, some of the things they needed in order to get pregnant were no longer working so well.

But after the loss of his mother, who always wanted some “brown-eyed grandchildren,” they didn’t want to lose hope in their attempts to grow their family.

So when they took this last pregnancy test on his mother’s birthday, they got a gift from above.

Jeremy has already stepped up to be a great stepdad to Brittany’s son, who has been begging for a little sibling.

Now that they get to make their family even bigger together, I can only see a lot more love in their future!

I’m so happy they caught this moment on tape. A moment they may have been doubting would ever come, and a moment that will change their lives forever. Now they can look back on this whenever they want, and remember where and why they began this journey!

Check out the video they shared with their family to tell them the great news.

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Video Credit: Brittany Bay

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