30 Of The Funniest Celebrity Endorsement Fails

by Todd Briscoe
Todd is a LittleThings editor. He grew up in Texas and has lived in New York since 2003. He doesn't own a Boston terrier, but he will one day soon.

Sure, it may seem like they live incredibly glamorous lives, but celebrities aren’t that different from you and me: we all just need to make a buck!

Celebrities get paid very well for their music, sports careers, performances, movies etc.

They also make a lot of dough with lucrative endorsement deals. Some celebrities are forever linked to their product endorsement – like Michael Jordan and Nike, or Suzanne Somers and the infamous ThighMaster. Great comedians have made hilariously unforgettable commercials like Tina Fey’s American Express ads, or Ellen Degeneres’s Covergirl ads.

I still laugh when I remember the Superbowl commercial for Snickers featuring Betty White.

Unfortunately, the allure of extra income can backfire and lead celebrities to some incredibly embarrassing moments that may not be worth the risk of the endorsement. For example, Ben Stiller’s bizarre Japanese ad. Have you ever seen something so strange?

From political snafus to embarrassing tweets to major lawsuits, we’ve compiled 30 of our favorite celebrity endorsements that haven’t gone as planned. Some may make you laugh, others will make you angry, and a few will make you cringe.

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1) David Beckham ruins his deal with Samsung

1) David Beckham ruins his deal with Samsung

A few years ago, David Beckham agreed to be the face of Motorola’s Aura phone. In ads he would say, “When you hold it, it feels like you have something really special in your hand.” Beckham was greeted with controversy, however, when a paparazzo snapped Beckham texting on an iPhone. When confronted about it, Beckham insisted he was “holding it for a friend.” As if that line ever works. 

2) Kiss releases the Kiss Kasket

2) Kiss releases the Kiss Kasket

Kiss has never been shied away from putting their band name on all types of products from dolls to pinball machines…and apparently even caskets. This real item was on sale from 2001-2008 and is now considered an collector’s item.

3) Oprah plugs the Surface via iPad

3) Oprah plugs the Surface via iPad

This tweet speaks for itself! Oprah had a major technology fail when she plugged the Microsoft Surface as one of her favorite things… From her iPad.

4) Fred Flinstone hocks cigarettes

The Flintstones are synonymous with children’s vitamins, but Fred Flintstone also once extolled the virtues of smoking with his good friend, Barney, in this strange vintage commercial.

The fails just keep getting crazier…