Mom Drives To Find Her Missing Dog. When Her Car Breaks Down, Strangers Travel 2 Hours To Help

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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I don’t know how long it would take me to lose hope of ever finding a missing dog again, but I’m sure, after three years, I would have sadly accepted that I would probably never see my furry friend again.

Not so for a woman in Ohio who had been missing her dog, Prince, for three years before she miraculously reunited with him. Prince was found and cared for by a family in Pittsburgh, but eventually, they had to hand the sweet pup over to the Humane Animal Rescue.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, employees at Humane Animal Rescue scanned Prince to see if he had a microchip that would connect him to his original owner. Amazingly, they found that he did — and they were able to get in contact with Prince’s mama, Jazsmine, over 100 miles away in Ohio.

Jazsmine was amazed. She said Prince was stolen by a friend who was supposed to be watching him while she moved. The friend sold the dog off, and Jazsmine was never able to find him.

But the story wasn’t over. Prince’s mama was all geared up to drive over two hours to pick her baby up, but her car suddenly broke down.

With the three-year reunion pushed back even further, two employees at Humane Animal Rescue decided Prince shouldn’t have to wait any longer to finally return home.

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Image Credit: Flickr / Andrij Bulba and MaxPixel

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