3 Daughters Line Up For Their Graduation Photo, But Mom And Her Granddaughter Hold Caps Too

by Phil Mutz
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Graduation is such an important and impressive milestone for any individual, but for the Flennoy family, this special occasion is being celebrated five times over.

Lawanda Flennoy is a mother and grandmother who had to put off her dreams of graduating college for years because she was living and working as a single mom.

However this year, not only is Lawanda finally receiving her associate’s degree from South Suburban College, but four other women in her family are graduating as well: her three daughters, and her granddaughter.

These five incredible women are thrilled to be marking such an important part of their lives together.

Lawanda’s daughters — Paris, Amari, and Jade — are graduating, along with Paris’ daughter, who will be graduating from kindergarten.

In order to commemorate this momentous occasion, Lawanda and her family posed for an adorable photo shoot. In each of their hands, they held a graduation cap with the year “2017” on it.

“It’s actually overwhelming,” Lawanda told Inside Edition. “I am really excited about them graduating. They are doing really well for themselves.”

What do you think of Lawanda’s decision to finally finish her degree after all this time? How would you celebrate the graduation of three different generations of women in your family?

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