Man Hears Noises In His Living Room And Sees 3 Bears Inviting Themselves In For A Snack

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

If you live close to nature, you’re probably used to seeing animals making themselves at home near your property. While some homeowners lament the thought of their shrubs, flowers, and fruits being eaten by the local wildlife, the folks of one neighborhood actually welcome the animals to share the land.

These animals happen to be three adorable bears, a mother and her two cubs.

The residents give the bears their space and acknowledge that they must co-exist with the animals on the same land.

But the trio got a little too close for comfort for one couple. A husband heard noises in his living room and went to investigate their source.

He found one of the bears chowing down on the cat food left in the room as the mama bear and one of the cubs watched him. He recorded the incident — only one of many in which the bears wander onto his property. He even has a clip of them taking a dip in his pool!

The man tried scaring them away by making noises, and the tactic eventually worked. Thankfully, they didn’t destroy much in the home.

The man’s wife acknowledges that it was a pretty scary experience for him, but that they and the other residents of the neighborhood love the bears.

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