Mom Hears Blood-Curdling Shriek At Playground And Runs To Find 4-Year-Old With 2nd Degree Burns

by Amy Paige
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A Missouri mom named Donna Wright brought her four kids to a splash park on a bright and sunny Memorial Day.

Her youngest, four-year-old Asia, was much more interested in the nearby playground than the water activities.

Since temperatures were in the 90s, Donna made sure to walk around and touch the equipment first. She says it didn’t feel too hot, so she let Asia play.

But then her little girl excitedly slid down the slide — one of the only pieces of equipment Donna didn’t get to feel. She could tell by Asia’s pained expression that something went horribly wrong.

As Asia began to scream out, Donna ran over to the slide and picked her up. That’s when she saw the raw patches of skin on the backs of both her legs.

Asia suffered second-degree burns in the few seconds she tried sliding her body down the plastic slide. Since children’s thin is much thinner than the skin of an adult, it takes less contact time to produce such dangerous burns.

Donna, horrified, posted about the frightening incident on Facebook to warn other parents. As it turned out, Asia wasn’t the other child at the playground who this happened to.

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