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Woman Rushes To Walmart On 90 Degree Day, Discovers 26 Bulldog Puppies Crammed Into Hot Van

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Deborah Yankow is the director of Animal Services in Bergen County, New Jersey. When she got a call from the SPCA requesting urgent help, she didn’t know what to expect.

Deborah must have known the situation was going to be bad, but I don’t think anyone could imagine the horror of what she discovered.

She followed the call to a Walmart parking lot. It was 90 degrees out that day, and she had no idea what to expect. Someone had parked and left their van in the parking lot. But it was the contents of the van that shocked Deborah and everyone involved.

Twenty-six puppies were stuffed into two small crates, shoved in the back of the van.

In the summer heat, the poor puppies were dehydrated and desperate, crammed together like sardines.

Deborah says all the puppies were short-nosed dogs, which are sensitive to heat. They would have struggled in 90 degree heat in any situation — but being crammed into the back of a hot van only made it worse.

Luckily, rescuers found these English and French bulldogs in the nick of time.

The bulldog puppies were thankful and excited to be given water. They will be taken to an animal shelter, where they can be seen by a vet. They are doing much better now.

Check out the video below to learn where experts think the puppies came from and when they may be ready for adoption. Don’t forget to SHARE this incredible rescue story on Facebook!

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