Widowed Man Builds Himself A Tiny Home For One In An Old Shipping Container

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

After your partner passes away, so many things in your life change. You no longer have that person you’ve shared your life with by your side, and you’re bound to make some changes yourself, too.

After this man lost his wife, who suffered for four years, he decided to make the biggest (or tiniest) change to his living arrangement.

Instead of going through their old storage container, and figuring out what to throw away and what to add to the mix, he decided to completely empty it.

But the interesting part comes after he emptied it and filled it with something much more than old “stuff.”

He renovated this newly emptied shipping container, previously filled with storage, and made himself a home.

A home for one, that is.

The inside of this place is absolutely immaculate, although I may feel too claustrophobic in a 20-foot home, I wouldn’t mind the beauty of this place!

It’s crazy to see how detailed and pristine these tiny homes can be. Like the one that was made for a high school project — I’d say it definitely earned an A+!

This man’s creation inside of this tiny box, though, is one of a kind. And with his story in tow, you can’t help but love the tour!

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