20 Adorable Pregnancy Announcements Expecting Parents Can Use For Inspiration

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Getting pregnant can be a thrilling and nerve-racking experience. When it comes time to share the big news, most parents-to-be want to find a fun way to reveal the pregnancy to their friends and family.

Coming up with an exciting pregnancy announcement is just the first of many “reveals” parents get to do. After pregnancy announcements come gender reveals, birth announcements, name reveals, and more! So make sure to start things off right with a perfect baby announcement.

While some people choose to tell people the old-fashioned way — in person or over the phone — more and more people are turning to social media for their pregnancy announcements. If you’re planning to tell people that you’re expecting with a fun Instagram photo or Facebook post, you’ll want to make sure your announcement is unique and memorable.

To get some inspiration, check out these 20 adorable pregnancy announcements! Feel free to copy them exactly or make them more personal.

1. Pup-tastic

dog announcement idea

If you are already a proud dog owner and want to make sure your pooch is involved in your pregnancy announcement, let your pup share the big news! Set up a sign for your dog to pose with, telling the world he’s getting a new human sibling.

Not super crafty? Don’t worry, you can buy a premade sign for $30 on Etsy.

2. Christmas Ornament

announcement by using Christmas booties

Are you expecting your little one around Christmas? Are you announcing your pregnancy around Christmas? Either way, using a Christmas ornament is a great way to reveal the big news!

You can buy an adorable ornament like this for $11.75 on Amazon.

3. Pumpkins + 1

pregnancy announcement by pumpkin

If you’re announcing your pregnancy in the fall, there’s no better way to do it than with pumpkins. Use one big pumpkin for each parent, and make sure mom’s is hollowed out. Put a tiny pumpkin into mama’s pumpkin, and give any other kids (or pups) a medium-sized pumpkin!

4. Cameras

pregnancy announcement camera idea

Want to make your pregnancy announcement as artsy as you are? Grab some vintage cameras and arrange them however you feel like. Make sure each member of the family is represented with a camera!

5. Eviction Notice

eviction notice for pregnancy announcement

If you have another baby who is still sleeping in a crib, the best way to announce you’re pregnant is with a crib eviction notice. You can make one yourself on the computer, but you can also download a template from Etsy for $4.40 if you want it to look more official.

6. Big Sibling Books

big sibling books for pregnancy announcement

Do you have some older kids who are thrilled to become big siblings? Make sure you include them in your announcement! Get some big brother/big sister books and give them to your kiddos to pose with for photos.

7. Watermelon Baby

watermelon baby announcement with a sonogram

Let’s be real: When you’re nine months pregnant, it kind of looks like you swallowed a watermelon. If you want to poke a little fun at your baby bump, get yourself a “Don’t eat watermelon seeds” shirt to announce you’re expecting.

You can buy a similar shirt starting at $16.99 on Etsy!

8. Printed Onesie

onesie for pregnancy announcement

Go for a classic pregnancy announcement by using a onesie. Make it extra special by writing “Can’t wait to meet you” on the onesie! Pose with the onesie, place it artistically in a crib, or present it to a loved one for an adorable picture.

Buy a similar onesie for $6 on Etsy.

9. Big Sister To-Do List

to do list on pregnancy announcement

If you have a toddler with a chalkboard, use it for an adorable pregnancy announcement! Write a to-do list for your kiddo, with “become a big brother/sister” as the last item on the checklist.

Make the chalkboard sign yourself, or buy one for $5 on Etsy!

10. Adding a Munchkin

Do you love donuts? Put together an adorable announcement using donuts and donut holes (often referred to as “munchkins”), and make sure to include a note about your new little munchkin!

11. Beach Babe

beach baby and pregnancy announcement

If you’re all about the beach, and you want your baby to be raised playing in the sand and water, what better place to take your announcement photo? This adorable picture uses shoes to announce the arrival of a new baby.

12. Copy and Paste

copy paste baby idea for pregnancy announcement

This announcement is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer. If you can’t wait to have a miniature version of yourself, just hit copy and paste!

You can buy a similar T-shirt/onesie set on Etsy starting at $14.99.

13. Chalk Figures

chalk drawing for pregnancy announcement

Get your older kids involved in your pregnancy announcement by asking them to draw stick figures with sidewalk chalk! Make sure they include a tiny baby inside mom’s round belly.

14. Gaming Onesie

If you and your partner spend a lot of time playing video games, show your love for your little one with a “Player 3 onesie” (or Player 4, or 5, or whichever baby this may be).

Buy a similar onesie on Etsy for $15 (you can also look for one that accurately reflects the remote for your favorite gaming console).

15. Safety Pins

idea for pregnancy announcement

If you want your pregnancy announcement to be more subtle, go for this simple safety pin announcement. Get larger safety pins to represent yourself and your partner, then place a tiny safety pin inside one of them to represent your baby.

16. Superhero and Sidekick

superhero idea for pregnancy announcement

It’s true! Every superhero does need a sidekick. If your kiddo is your little superhero, then have your child pose in full costume next to a fun “sidekick” sign to announce the pregnancy.

Make one yourself, or buy one on Etsy starting at $10!

17. Toy Story Twins

When it comes to announcing that you’re having multiples, there are lots of ways you can go. A single announcement, multiple announcements, surprise announcements during gender reveals — the options are endless. This Toy Story photo shoot is one adorable way to reveal that there’s more than one baby joining your family.

18. Converse Kid

converse baby for pregnancy announcement

If you and your partner are fans of a specific shoe style or brand, celebrate that with your pregnancy announcement! Converse, Vans, and Nikes are all popular options.

Buy white Converse just like these ones from Amazon for $21.55 to $130.

19. 3 + 1 = 5

pregnancy announcement ideas

Want to make your friends and family do a little math? Pose for a photo like this one. Clearly 3 plus 1 does not equal 5, so the only answer to that equation is that mom has an extra 1 on the way! All you need for this announcement is your family, some chalk, and a camera.

20. Christmas Babe

Is your baby due on or around Christmas? Have fun with your announcement and let everyone know that Santa isn’t the only one coming to town this holiday season.

You can make this sign yourself or buy a similar sign from Etsy for $8!

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