2-Month-Old Baby Starts ‘Talking’ To Dad…But Then She Says Words! Did You Hear That?

by Averi Clements
Averi is a writer and traveler who enjoys learning about new cultures and languages. She's a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu, a TEFL/TESOL-certified ESL teacher, and an equine enthusiast. She currently lives in Central America with her cat and a lot of really big bugs.

I’m so glad they caught this on camera!

I don’t know what it is about dads and babies, but just like this new father teaching his newborn how to dance, this man and his two-month-old daughter have made my heart melt into a puddle!

The look on his face and the huge smile on hers just prove that there is no bond quite like the one between a parent and child… no matter how young the kiddo is. And I think that point is even further proven by what she says at the very end!

The adorable little girl babbles to her daddy in an attempt to mimic what he’s saying, though I’m sure she thinks she’s carrying on an intense discussion. After a while, her dad tells her, “I love you,” and after a few moments of hard concentration, she says it back!

I couldn’t believe my own ears! Sure, it’s not perfectly articulated, but what can you expect from a two-month-old? Most babies don’t end up saying their first words until eleven and fourteen months old, after all. Something tells me that soon enough, she’ll be as talented as this seventeen-month-old girl who can sing “Amazing Grace!”

We all wonder what’s going on in our babies’ little heads, but now these happy parents know exactly how their tiny daughter feels about them. How cute!

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