Family Is Baffled When Cow Gives Birth To 2-Headed Calf On Their Farm

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Witnessing the miracle of birth isn’t something most of us will experience many times in our lifetime.

But if you’ve ever spent time on a farm, you know that assisting in animal births is a regular occurrence — one that truly never ceases to amaze.

The McCubbin family has spent a lot of time on their farm, and has already dedicated seven years to raising cattle. Over this time, dad Stan, mom Brandy, and their children, have witnessed many calves being born, all of them miraculous in their own way.

The latest addition to their animal family, however, has them scratching their heads.

The McCubbins were convinced that one of their cows was pregnant with twins. But when she gave birth, only one calf emerged. This calf had one shocking trait: two heads!

The two-headed calf was named Lucky and welcomed with open arms. It appears that though she has two heads, Lucky has one brain: When she’s fed, both mouths move at the exact same time. Only her outermost eyes function, and she has difficulty walking, among other issues.

Although she isn’t expected to live for very long, the family is taking care of her. She appears to be healthy now, and Stan, Brandy, and their children will shower her with love just like they would any one of their animals.

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