House Stands Empty For 10 Years ‘Til Man Buys It And Transforms It Into 1930s Time Capsule

by Caralynn Lippo
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Aaron Whiteside has long been enamored with the 1930s. We can admit that the bygone decade certainly has its charms, if you can live without all of the technology that has been invented in the years since.

But Aaron took his love of the past to new heights by transforming his ordinary suburban house into an amazingly authentic time capsule home.

The Daily Mail reports that Aaron purchased the three-bedroom semi-detached Blackpool, Lancashire, house for £87,000 in 2007 (around $174,000 USD at the time). Prior to its sale, the house had been standing completely vacant for nearly a decade.

Aaron told SWNS that his love for the 1930s began when he was a child, browsing junk shops with his grandma’s sister at age 5.

In the years after, he grew to love the decade’s “style and way of life.” When he bought his house, he decided to transform it into an authentically 1930s abode.

The 36-year-old bachelor went to great lengths to create his time capsule home. Nearly everything inside the house is from the 1930s or even earlier, including German wallpaper that had been buried in a time capsule in the 1930s and cost Aaron £100 (around $130 USD) a roll. He also has a vintage bed, an electric cooker, and an old-fashioned laundry mangle in place of a modern washing machine. And in case anyone doubts he’s living authentically, fear not: The property runs like a premodern home, too, with four coal fires for heat.

Aaron’s love of the 1930s extends beyond his home decor. He also dresses in old-style clothes, sports a throwback hairstyle, eats a 1930s diet, and even drives a vintage 1952 black Oxford Morris.

“My pride of joy is an HMV state of the art gramophone from 1937. It came from an old house down south where bits and pieces were being sold off, and a friend of a friend told me about it,” Aaron revealed. “Anyone that comes to the house absolutely loves it; I’m not saying they would want to live in it but I’ve not really had any bad feedback.”

Aaron allowed SWNS to step inside for a look at his unique home. Check it out in the video below!

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