Dating Guide For Single Women In 1930s Resurfaces And The Tips Are Cringeworthy Today

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

Almost everyone has read dating advice at some point in time. Whether it was an official guidebook or just an issue of Cosmopolitan, we’ve all read tips and tricks for landing a loved one.

Well, dating in the 1930s was taken much more seriously than dating nowadays. Today, tons of people just use dating apps to find romantic partners.

Back in the day, though, dating was quite an endeavor. Women had to prepare for hours, and once the date started, they couldn’t just be themselves. No, women had to constantly monitor their own behavior in order to get men to like them.

A 1930s dating guide for single women recently resurfaced online, and the rules and tips are absolutely ridiculous.

According to this advice, women had to completely change themselves to find love. Thank goodness dating rituals have changed since the 1930s.

Check out pictures from the 1930s dating guide below!

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dont drink
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This tips say: “Don’t drink too much, as a man expects you to keep your dignity all evening. Drinking may make some girls seem clever, but most get silly.”

God forbid women get “silly” on a date!

drunk woman
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The next photo shows a woman passed out at the dinner table.

A waiter stands nearby, exasperated by her behavior.

dont be conspicuous
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The next tip says: “Don’t be conspicuous talking to other men. The last straw is to pass out from too much liquor. Chances are your date will never call you again!”

waiter friendly
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Not only were women not supposed to talk to other men, they also weren’t supposed to be friendly with their waiters!

The guide says: “Don’t be familiar with the headwaiter talking about the fun you had with someone else another time. Men deserve, desire your entire attention.”

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The guide continues: “Don’t be sentimental or try to get him to say something he doesn’t want to by working on his emotions. Men don’t like tears, especially in public places.”

makeup dating
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Another tip has to do with makeup. The guide says: “Men don’t like girls who borrow their handkerchief and smudge them with lipstick. Makeup in privacy, not where he sees you.”

dating dancing
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When it comes to dancing, there are rules for that too. The guide says: “Careless women never appeal to gentlemen. Don’t talk while dancing, for when a man dances he wants to dance.”

dating sitting
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In case you were wondering, women also had to sit a particular way.

“Don’t sit in awkward positions — and never look bored, even if you are. Be alert, and if you must chew gum (not advised), do it silently, mouth closed.”

dating dressing
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Not only should women do their makeup in private, they should also adjust their clothing in private.

The guide explains: “Do your dressing in your boudoir to keep your allure. Be ready to go when your date arrives; don’t keep him waiting. Greet him with a smile!”

dating bra
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There are also very specific tips on wearing a bra: “If you need a brassiere, wear one. Don’t tug at your girdle, and be careful your stockings are not wrinkled.”

talk about clothes
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Women also weren’t supposed to talk about their clothing — or any of their interests at all.

The guide says: “Don’t talk about clothes or try to describe your new gown to a man. Please and flatter your date by talking about the things he wants to talk about.”

dating men
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Finally, don’t show your date any affection in public. “Don’t be familiar with your escort by caressing him in public. Any open show of affection is in bad taste, usually embarrasses or humiliates him,” says the guide.

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