Adorable 1904 Schoolhouse Is Transformed Into A Cozy, Historical Home

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Would you spend your weekends in a school? If your immediate answer is no, hold on a minute. You need to see this!

A charming, historic school house in Webster, ND, complete with a cheerful red exterior, is on the market.

And it’s not just a school anymore. The building, which dates from 1904, has been renovated to include all the modern necessities while still maintaining its historic charm.

In fact, the renovations were so carefully done and the original elements so well restored that it actually received a Preservation Award. It still has its beautiful trims and decorative flairs, bell tower (though, no bell, it appears), and original sign above the door.

But it also has a modern kitchen, installed in the late 1990s, heating and air conditioning, modern storm windows, and bathrooms.

The Webster School is perfect for anyone who wants to live in a part of history, but who maybe would like something a little more cheerful and less morbid than living in a pretty, but until-recently functioning county jail.

Check out the school-turned-home below, and see how the building’s original charm has been preserved in an adorable way!

[H/T: Old House Dreams, Ghosts of North Dakota]

This cute red schoolhouse was built in Webster, ND, in 1904. It served the community for a long time, and just looks like the picture-perfect, early 20th-century school.

The school was used at least through the 1950s, and many people in the area have relatives who’ve attended.


Part of the reason why it looks so great after 112 years is that a local family purchased the building in 2004 and worked diligently to restore and preserve it both inside and out.

Their efforts were so good that they won a Preservation Award, and for a time, the building was open to the public for a peek at history. And now, it can be yours for $350,000.

Inside is just as lovely, with beautiful wood floors, paneling, and trim. The windows set into and above the doors are a school building classic from the early 1900s. You probably remember them from your own school!

The classrooms have been converted into living spaces, but the school’s old touches were saved.

This charming living room still has the school’s old stove, and the old chalkboards make for an interesting alternative to wallpaper!

It opens to the kitchen, which was installed in 1998. The wood accents and pillars are just beautiful, and the nice thing about chalkboard walls? You can switch up the decor anytime you like!

The open plan of the kitchen, dining area, and living room give the place a modern convenience and flow without sacrificing the historic charm.

The school is small compared to the kinds built today, but it makes for a spacious home with multiple living spaces. You could turn one into a study or game room, and have one for entertaining guests.

The large windows are also great for letting in a lot of light, which would have let students see their lessons in the days before electricity.

Two other rooms have been converted into modern bathrooms, although they kept the vintage theme with this great claw-foot bathtub.

The other classrooms on the second floor can be turned into spacious bedrooms. You might not prefer quite so many people sharing a room, but it does show how large the rooms are.

There’s even an attic section with a sloped ceiling. As you can see, it’s been carpeted and turned into something of a little retreat.

It would make a great entertainment space!

With so much charm and history, this is one cozy house that anyone would be lucky to call home!

If this looks like the place for you, and you like the idea of huge skies of North Dakota, check out its listings on Trulia and Zillow. The school is for sale as a home or, with some rezoning, as a business.

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