Woman Is Remodeling Her 1901 Home, Then Discovers Strange Metal Circles On Her Kitchen Floor

by Jess Butler
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Susan Hansen always had a knack for remodeling homes. One day, she found herself working on an old house from 1901. Little did she know that this particular home’s wooden frame was hiding a special surprise within it.

She was in the middle of removing a carpet from the original hardwood floor that adorned the entire abode when she made her historical discovery.

As she tore the shabby carpet up and away from the ground, something unexpected surfaced.

Before her very eyes laid a group of small, metal circles on the kitchen floor. They were organized in a triangular shape on the wood. It was pleasing to the eye, yet stark and peculiar for where it was located.

What could this have been? What were these marks on the floor?

There were other things in the house that seemed out of place, to say the least. Susan soon found a long wooden platform and started putting the pieces together to this mystery.

This old house, built in 1901, was actually a bowling alley!

Back in the day, the home was known as Herbert Massey’s Cafe and Bowling. Susan decided to restore the bowling alley portion of the building and make an asset out of it to be resold.

After Susan finished her amazing renovation, the H.B. Massey Building was put up for sale. It is now polished and doing well, with it’s signature bowling alley still intact.

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