Dating Ad From 1865 Reveals What Farmer With ‘A Good Set Of Teeth’ Wanted In A Wife

by Kate Taylor
Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food.

The year is 2017, and having an online dating profile is more or less synonymous with being single.

There are more apps and websites than someone can even count boasting the ability to help its users find love, or at least the contemporary equivalent.

In fact, even wild animals have Tinder profiles these days. It’s safe to say that we’ve come a long way since people solely relied on meeting a potential mate organically or in person.

Many people are nostalgic for the days before technology saturated the dating market, when single folk didn’t have to shamelessly advertise themselves online to attract suitors.

As it turns out, this 1865 dating ad reveals that our dating behavior today isn’t necessarily so different from what it used to be.

Thumbnail Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Twitter user Max Roser, who is a researcher at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, shared an ad he found in on old newspaper.

The ad was made by an 18-year-old from Maine who was in the market for a lady friend.

The heading reads, “Chance for a spinster.” As you can see, this young farmer could use a little work on his opening line.

The eligible bachelor goes on to let any potential suitors know that he is patriotic, has a full set of teeth, and some very fertile land.

Of course, his crop yield looks great and his potatoes are “bully,” which is apparently 19th-century slang for “splendid.”

Better yet, he has a house and a barn, as well as a nice little array of farm animals.

As much as he may have, he admits that there is something missing in his life.

He wants to “buy bread-and-butter, hoop-skirts and waterfalls for someone of the female persuasion during life.”

He even endearingly admits that he has some trouble in the love department.

I think we can all agree in wishing the best for this hopeful 18-year-old. In fact, I kind of wish he was still around.

When the post was shared on Twitter, there was quite a strong reaction.

Many people took it as an opportunity to share their timeless marital advice.

And obviously, many people decided to share some of their unverified historical facts explaining why such a young man would do such a thing in 1865.

One man was so inspired by the 1865 ad, that he decided to try it himself over 150 years later on his Tinder profile.

Again, we wish him the best of luck on his search for “the one.” I think it’s hard to argue with a good set of teeth!

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