18 Items That Will Give Your Bathroom A Luxurious Face-Lift

by Rachel Gariepy
Rachel Gariepy is an experienced Editorial Director for a variety of digital publications including LittleThings and Purple Clover. She has written for, edited and managed teams across multiple lifestyle properties, including sites for celebrity clientele including, but not limited to Jenni (JWOWW) Farley, NeNe Leakes, and Vanessa Hudgens. Rachel has experience wearing many fun and fanciful hats including content strategist, creator, editor and project manager. She, like Mitch Hedberg before her, sometimes wrestles with the idea of wearing a beret. She also enjoys hiking, reading and hanging out with dogs.

The ultimate goal for many of us is to have a bathroom so luxurious that even Kris Jenner would feel lost in its decadence.

Unfortunately for most of us, our bathrooms are small and cramped and unable to house the claw-foot tub, Japanese robot toilet, and his-and-her sinks of our dreams. Sure, you could do a renovation if your paycheck were about 50 times fatter than it currently is, but that doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards right now… not this year, anyway.

But what you can do is outfit your bathroom with items and decor that give it a major face-lift. We’re talking Beverly Hills surgeon-level face-lift but not at Beverly Hills prices, amiright?!

Here are 18 luxe items you can shop to make your bathroom feel like Versailles’ younger, more attractive sister. The best part is, not one of these gorgeous pieces costs over $50, and most of them are way under. So go nuts and get one of each! You know you want to be the envy of all your friends. Make the bathroom you currently have the bathroom of your dreams!

1. Ceramic Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder

etsy toothbrush holder

Protect the top of your sink from toothpaste stains and pick up a stunning ceramic toothbrush and toothpaste holder like this handmade Etsy option.

Shop on Etsy for $34.

2. Brass Showerhead

2. Brass Showerhead

Scrap your old showerhead that’s almost definitely covered with soap scum, and upgrade to this Moen showerhead in a polished brass finish.

Shop at Amazon for $33.92.

3. Margot Soap Dish

margot soap dish

The Margot tiled soap dish features a fun tiled pattern with a vintage aesthetic and a cute reminder to have a ‘good morning’!

Shop on Anthropologie for $16.

4. Golden Ivy Jacquard Shower Curtain

4. Golden Ivy Jacquard Shower Curtain

Even the Queen herself would be pleased with this golden ivy jacquard shower curtain from Better Homes and Gardens.

Shop at Walmart for $9

5. Me Time Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy

5. Me Time Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy

Enjoy a cup of tea (or glass of wine) while reading your favorite novel in a nice, steamy bath with this bamboo bath caddy tray from Urban Outfitters.

Shop at Urban Outfitters for $49.

6. Shower Wine Glass Holder

6. Shower Wine Glass Holder

Speaking of drinking wine in the bath or shower — check out this nifty little wine glass holder that sticks perfectly to your shower walls. Don’t mind if we do!

Shop at Urban Outfitters for $16.

7. Rainbow Bath Rug

rainbow bath rug

Dump your basic bathmat and treat yourself to this colorful rainbow bath rug from the Pillowfort collection.

Shop at Target for $14.99.

8. Kate Spade New York Cotton Hand Towel

8. Kate Spade New York Cotton Hand Towel

Let yourself know the feeling of luxury for under $10, and shop these Kate Spade Chattam cotton washcloths in a variety of fun colors.

Shop at Saks Fifth Avenue for $8.99.


9. Ceramic Cat Toilet Brush

9. Ceramic Cat Toilet Brush

For the cat lovers out there, this one’s for you!

Shop at Urban Outfitters for $29.

10. Hang Anywhere Shelf Duo

10. Hang Anywhere Shelf Duo

Add some designer flair to your bathroom walls with these mini hanging shelves. While you’re at it, stock up on succulents to complete the look!

Shop at Uncommon Goods for $35.

11. Coconut Fiber Hedgehog Planter

hedgehog planter

Speaking of succulents, this adorable hedgehog planter is made from natural coconut fibers and will look great on your hanging shelf duo.

Shop at Uncommon Goods for $48.

12. Illuminaria Pumpkin Spice Candle

illuminaria candle

Of course, you cannot forget to include candles in your luxury bathroom face-lift. This Fall-friendly pumpkin spice scent from Illuminaria is just the ticket!

Shop at Nordstrom Rack for $12.97.

13. Resin Wastebasket

resin waste basket

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful resin wastebasket that has plenty of modern design flair!

Shop on Nordstrom Rack for $42.97

14. Digital Bamboo Scale

14. Digital Bamboo Scale

This digital scale is made from a gorgeous honey-colored bamboo and will look perfect and modern in your newly updated bathroom.

Shop at QVC for $34.95.

15. Palmistry Trinket Dish

trinket dish

This metallic hand-shaped trinket dish is the perfect place to store your jewelry before you take a nice, steamy soak in the tub.

Shop on Anthropologie for $16.

16. Natural Marble Jar

marble jar

Store your cotton balls, Q-tips, makeup pads, or anything else you can dream up in this natural colored marble jar.

Shop at Nordstrom Rack for $29.97

17. Tasseled Hand Towel

17. Tasseled Hand Towel

Add these modern cotton hand towels from Hearth & Hand With Magnolia to the mix if you’re looking for a minimalist luxury vibe.

Shop at Target for $3.99 each.

18. Neroli and Thyme Foam Hand Soap

18. Neroli and Thyme Foam Hand Soap

J.R. Watkins carries some of the most beautiful soap scents, and this Neroli and Thyme option is no different. What a difference a lovely scent can make in the bathroom!

Shop at Target for $3.99.

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