18 Family Members Diagnosed With COVID-19 After Surprise 30th Birthday Party In Texas

by Amy P
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In late May 2020, Ron Barbosa’s family threw a surprise birthday party for his daughter-in-law in North Texas.

Ron, a volunteer EMT who is married to a doctor, refused to go to the party due to social distancing concerns amid the pandemic.

His nephew was there, however, and he showed up to the party with what he thought was a basic cough.

In reality, Ron’s nephew unknowingly had COVID-19, which he brought with him to the surprise 30th birthday party.

Twenty-five people came and went throughout the celebration, which lasted only a couple hours.

Attendees included children, grandparents, and both of Ron’s elderly parents, who are now hospitalized.

Though the party was brief and guests tried their best to maintain distance, it was enough to spread a “mini-pandemic” throughout the family …

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