These Children Were Married At Just 16 Years Old To Fulfill His Dying Wish

by Cassandra Morris
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Most of us have probably experienced the throes of a first love. Butterflies, awkward kisses, petty jealousies, squabbles… It’s a tumultuous experience that, more often than not, fizzles out with time.

But sometimes, rather than wither on the vine, these adolescent relationships become full-blown commitments. And, as we’ve all learned from a couple of famous star-crossed lovers, young marriages do not always end well.

However, in the case of Amie and Omar, their decision to marry was not one of necessity, imprudence, or haste. These young teens decided to marry for one beautiful — albeit tragic — reason.

Despite only dating for eight months, Amie and Omar knew they wanted to spend their lives together, but they always thought their wedding day would be years in the future.

But when Omar received some very sad news, the young couple decided to speed things up. Now, tears are being shed around the world for their short-lived romance.

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Amie and Omar, both only 16 years old, were married recently in Birmingham, England. The bride wore a pink gown, a white wrap, and flowers in her hair. The groom wore a bathrobe, pajamas, and slippers.

teen wedding

Friends and family were present for the beautiful ceremony, which took place at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital — the same place where Omar proposed. It was a short, but very sweet, wedding celebration.

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The high-school sweethearts had always talked of marriage and family and growing old together — but when Omar was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, the young couple decided to move their plans along. Hope had been held out for a donor, but by the time a match had been found, it was too late.

16 year old wedding

Three days after their wedding, Omar passed away, his young wife's hand in his. Now, as the young widow grieves her loss, Amy reflects on the brevity and beauty of their relationship. "As he put the ring on my finger, he said he wished he had more time with me," Amy recalled to Metro. "I wish we had, too, but I’m so glad we had the chance to make this happy memory."

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