Police Find 134 Black Cats Crammed Into Tiny Apartment And Now They’re Looking For Forever Homes

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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When California police went to conduct a welfare check at an apartment in Lakeside, they couldn’t believe what they found.

The small, cluttered apartment was packed full of black cats.

Police eventually collected 134 of them, all living together in a tiny apartment.

Thankfully, police said that the cats appeared to be well fed and taken care of. They were not being neglected by the owner of the apartment, but there were definitely too many of them inside for it to be safe and healthy. Because of that, police had to take them away.

The owners of the cats told Fox 5 News that it all started with one cat who just kept having babies.

Sadly, nobody wanted to adopt the cats, so they took care of them in their own home.

The vast majority of the cats are black, although there are a few gray and brown ones as well. Now, the sweet cats are safe in a shelter — and awaiting their new forever homes.

Although the cats are in good physical health, many of them are “stand-offish.” Hopefully, a loving new home will help them open up to caring owners who can give each cat the attention they deserve!

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Thumbnail Photo: NBC 7 San Diego

Footage provided by KGTV

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