When Her Little Brothers Got Dangerously Sick, This 13-Year-Old Girl Made One Brave Choice. WOW

by Paul Morris
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Julia Jenkins, 13, watched one of her younger brothers get sick, and then another brother, and then another.

In 2008, when her little brother Will developed a swollen lymph node in his neck, he was quickly diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma, a rare form of cancer of the lymphatic system.

The boy’s mother, Cynthia, had one source of hope and faith to lean on: “I had asked the Lord,” she said, “please don’t let it be cancer.” But when the doctor’s bad news came in, she was forced to change her perspective and thanked God that the cancer was caught in time. “You can fight it,” the mother said, still filled with fear of the unknown.

But then things seemed to go from bad to worse… Six-year-old John was diagnosed with the same disease. A specialist realized that there was a genetic cause to the disease carried by boys in the same bloodline. The doctors had the youngest boy, Matt, tested for the same disease, and the result was positive. All three brothers had the disease, and all three boys needed a bone marrow transplant just to possibly survive.

While being an older sibling is hard, especially when you’re a girl with rambunctious little brothers, Julia stepped up and became the best older sister you could ever ask for. When she got her blood tested, the family received a miraculous answer from their doctors.

In this video, Julia’s willingness, her sense of humor about the whole thing, and her humble nature are really traits that any parent would be proud to see in their child. When it came time for little Julia to perform a heroic task, she didn’t even ask questions, she just did what she needed to do.

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