13 Totally Bizarre Things People Actually Believed When They Were Kids

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

Childhood is a time of pure innocence. When we were kids, it was easy to believe a lot of the bizarre things other people told us.

Sometimes, we even found elaborate ways to justify our extremely strange beliefs, only to realize later on that none of it really added up.

One of my strangest beliefs was that a tiny man lived inside my refrigerator and turned the light on and off when anyone opened and closed the door. Thanks for that one, Dad.

Although many of our childhood beliefs turned out to be false, it’s still fun to look back on them for a humorous trip down memory lane.

Check out the list below to see what some Reddit users actually used to believe as kids until they realized the truth.

Maybe you thought about some of these yourself during your childhood!

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Baby on blanket

“I thought girls were automatically born with babies in them, and kissing activated the baby’s growth.” — DislikesMintGum


Man drinking from thermos

“I thought ‘drinking and driving’ meant any drink. I thought my dad was breaking the law by drinking coffee.” — N0V0w3ls


Closeup of kid's eyes

“My mom told me she knew when I did something wrong. I interpreted this to mean she could read minds. Therefore, all women could read minds. I then spent my time staring at my crushes thinking ‘I like you’ over and over, trying to get them to notice me. Thanks for making me the weird kid, mom.” — Thelostredditor


Lightning bolt

“Lightning bolts were actually bolts that if you found one, could cut through anything. Us kids would try to search for one after it stopped raining.” — blore40


Black and white tv

“As a kid, I thought the world used to be just black and white before the invention of color TVs.” — Reddit User


Girl with dog and boy with cat

“For some reason, I thought all cats were girls, and all dogs were boys.” — LillyYoyoINeedGogert


Phone and fax machine

I thought fax machines rolled up the paper really small and sent it shooting down the pipe (telephone cable) to the other fax machine.” — electrolytic


Moon in dark clouds

“Τhat the moon followed our family cаr whenever and whereever we went.” — Tpreywu


Broken up baking chocolate

“My mother told me cooking chocolate was poisonous until cooked. Stopped me from eating her stash of dark chocolate, though.” — Reddit User


Teacher writing on whiteboard

“That teachers didn’t have first names.” — TinySassQueen


Woman in hospital bed

“I thought women gave birth by throwing up the baby. Mom didn’t deny it either. — Shaynnn


Dinner table with food

“That all the food I ate went into my stomach so they could go hang out and have fun.” — thatvillainromeo


Man scared of garden gnome on bed

Gnomes lived under my bed, and if I let my arm dangle off the bed while I was sleeping, they’d kidnap me and make me their queen. You know, in accordance with gnome monarchical tradition.” — lunalives

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