110-Year-Old Who Pranks Her Nurses Jokes That She Feels 230 And Just Wants Sleep For Birthday

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Hazel Eikermann has lived in two different centuries — so perhaps it’s no wonder that all she wants to do is go to sleep.

The 110-year-old woman is known for her lively, jokester attitude. According to her nurses, since she began living at the Lincoln Community Hospital, she’s played practical jokes on everyone.

“She’ll play pranks on you. She’ll trick you. She’ll tease you,” says Billie Given, her nurse.

When asked how old she feels, Hazel has no problem telling the truth: “Two-hundred and 30!” she laughs.

“Hazel is this spunky 110-year-old woman who really enjoys sleep and her chocolate shakes,” Billie confirms.

After living for so long, Hazel admits that she really does love to sleep.

“Do you know where I want to go?” she asked on her birthday, “To bed!”

But instead, Hazel got a special helicopter ride for her birthday, though it seems like the most appreciated present she received was probably a good night’s rest.

As with anyone who’s lived over 100 years, Hazel has her own personal list of secrets to living a long life — and they may surprise you. Her nurse explains, “When you ask her what her secret to life is, she’s told me: laughter, milk, and water.”

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