Couple Gives Family 10 Balloons For Gender Reveal, But They’re Confused When They Pop Final One

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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For the last few years, a craze has spanned across the world for expecting parents. Rather than just tell everyone the gender of their baby, they slowly reveal it!

There are many different ways couples reveal their baby’s gender: by popping balloons full of color, hiding the color inside of cupcake, and many, many other creative options.

Another common theme among these reveals is adding an element of mystery. Sometimes, people will reveal that they’re actually having twins or triplets, when everyone thought they were having just one baby.

Isabella Solis and her wife decided that they wanted to spice up their gender reveal. They weren’t expecting multiple babies, but they wanted to keep their family on their toes.

They staged a devious plan: they set up 10 balloons for their family to pop and said that one of the balloons held colored pieces of paper that would reveal the gender.

Their family popped balloon after balloon; by the tenth one, no gender had been revealed. That’s when they pulled out an 11th balloon, which they popped together to reveal they were having a son!

If you just can’t get enough of gender reveals, you’ll also love this mom freaking out after she looks at the cake and realizes she’s been tricked!

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