104-Year-Old Woman Is Member Of Secret Crochet Gang

by Paul Morris
Paul is a proud Southerner who enjoys long walks in the woods, sweet tea, and watching movies. He’s also an expert pastry chef and will share his rhubarb-berry pie recipe with just about anyone who asks. He loves America and playing with animals of all kinds. When he isn't writing about the things he loves most, you can find him in the great outdoors!

Grace Brett may be over one century old, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have an inspiring spirit of adventure!

While she may seem like a “normal” centenarian at first, it turns out that this 104-year-old woman is part of an incredibly secret and underground street gang who call themselves the “Souter Stormers!”

The group of senior citizens all get together and knit or crochet their own special designs. But instead of wearing their yarnwork, these women take to the streets and act as “yarnstormers.” They “yarn-bomb” specific city landmarks, telephone booths, and even park benches.

The street artists all enjoy making their town just a little bit brighter with these fantastic creations! And when you see how down-to-Earth and genuinely nice this woman is, you’ll quickly realize that all of her art is made from the heart.

She’s certainly seen a lot over the years. Born just a year before the beginning of the Great War, the roaring ’20s, the great depression, and then World War II, this lady probably knows how to spin a yarn, of course, while she’s telling you her story she’ll be crocheting the whole time!

We’re happy she refuses to “take it easy,” and we’re sure she’ll keep doing her thing for as long as she wants to! What an amazing woman!

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