10-Year-Old Sits Mom Down For Big Announcement And Tells Her He’s ‘Coming Out’ As Straight

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Sometime during childhood, everyone starts to grapple with their sexuality.

We’re taught from a young age that it’s normal to have crushes, and some of us even have “girlfriends” and “boyfriends” as early as preschool.

Of course, these aren’t true romances, but they’re important to the formation of our personalities.

As we get older, we start to have actual romantic feelings for people. At first, this can be pretty scary. It’s weird to be around someone who makes your heart flutter and gives you butterflies in your stomach. For most of us, though, it’s an exciting feeling.

For kids, adolescents, and teens who are attracted to someone of the same sex, it can feel downright scary.

Even in 2018, there’s still a lot of stigma surrounding being anything other than heterosexual.

Kristina Kuzmic‘s son recently taught her that it might not be like this forever, though.

In the video below, Kristina recounts a story that renewed her hope for the future of acceptance in the world.

It all started when her 10-year-old son sat her down and “came out” to her as straight. Kristina thought it was a joke at first, but then she realized the importance of his words. In his mind, “coming out” is something everyone does, whether they’re gay, straight, bisexual, or anything else.

Watch the video to see Kristina’s wonderful reaction to her son’s statement.

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