10 Surprisingly Amazing Uses For Toothpaste

by Amanda Selsky
Amanda Selsky is a freelance writer based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Apparently, we need to put toothpaste on more things than just our toothbrushes. The minty and magical substance usually reserved for our choppers happens to have a plethora of other benefits.

Some are crazy weird, some are pretty logical, but it seems that toothpaste has some hidden uses we’ve got to try:

1. Clean your shoes

Scuffs, scratches, dirt, be gone! Just make sure your paste is non-gel, and give those sneaks or leather shoes a lil scrub.

2. Shine your jewelry

Diamonds, silver. It’s all the same, and your toothpaste can be used to make it look spankin’ new.

3. Prevent foggy mirrors

Scrub on, wipe off. Just make sure it’s non gel.

4. Dry up your acne

Toothpaste helps dry those pimples out – just blob some on before you head to bed for the night. You’ll be amazed how quickly it disappears!

5. Destain your clothes

Works with makeup, even the reddest of lipstick. Scrub some on the site of the stain. Just be wary if it’s a whitening toothpaste on colored clothing.

6. Remove crayon from walls

Your kid thought he was the new Picasso, but not for long. You don’t even need to repaint if you scrub hard enough.

7. Buffer up those nails

Toothpaste will help strengthen the enamel and gets rid of those callouses.

8. Eliminate water rings

You won’t forget the coaster next time, but for the meanwhile, toothpaste helps get rid of those ugly stains.

9. Freshen baby bottles

Toothpaste is the best way to get rid of the sour smelling aroma in your baby’s cup. Just make your own minty solution.

10. And of course, create pearly whites

Toothpaste, you da real MVP.

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