After I Saw This, My Bananas Never Went Bad Again!

by Julie Roberts
Julie lives in greater New York with her husband and dog. Cooking, gardening, traveling, and being as active as possible are some of her favorite hobbies. She is not a big fan of TV - except maybe The Food Network.

We all want to save money, but one of the biggest money leaks can sometimes be our food – mostly produce.

You want to eat healthy, so you buy lots of fruits and vegetables, but what if you can’t eat all of it in time? There’s nothing more disappointing than realizing your food has gone bad before you’ve had a chance to prepare it.

This video has 10 ingenious tips for extending the life of a lot of the things you eat every day, and I have to say, it’s pretty genius!

I had no idea about most of these tips, including how to keep bananas and tomatoes for longer, how to combat freezer burn (which always happens to my ice cream!), and how to keep guacamole from going brown.

Watch this quick video and then let us know if you have your own tips that weren’t mentioned here!

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