10 Ideas For Virtual Birthday Parties That Make The Best Of A Socially Distant Celebration

by Angela Andaloro

Kids are dealing with a lot in the midst of school closures and cancellations related to our current world health situation.

It’s harder for children, especially younger ones, to find ways to socialize with those outside their household. Parents are struggling to deliver normalcy to their children’s days, and that’s never more apparent than when a birthday rolls around.

If you feel lost as to how to celebrate, you’re not alone. There are ways that you can still celebrate with friends and family, however. A lot of birthday party venues have found ways to re-create their experiences virtually.

Check in with your local businesses and support them where you can.

As for where to start, we have some ideas to get your creativity going. We’ve rounded up 10 ways for your kids and their friends to share an experience, regardless of age. These ideas for virtual birthday parties can help you bring your kid’s gang together. The kids can enjoy a good time and experience something close to normal while still social distancing.

SkyZone Virtual Party

Sky Zone Trampoline Park offers a free virtual birthday party experience that takes just 15 to 20 minutes. Invite up to 10 people, and a Sky Zone team member will guide them through games, active play, and singing “Happy Birthday.” Sky Zone handles setting up the Zoom call and sending out invites, making it a piece of cake.

Paint and Snack Party

virtual painting party

A “paint and snack” party is easy to put together, as long as you can coordinate with other parents. You provide the kids with the same snacks to enjoy. Then queue up the same YouTube video that walks them through a painting project and let them get to it while on a Zoom call or FaceTime. You can check with parents about what supplies they have, or send out little kits with everything they’ll need.

There are also a number of EventBrite virtual paint party events to explore!

Virtual Bingo Party

virtual bingo party

Bingo is a pretty simple game for kids of all ages to get in on. Websites like My Free Bingo Cards and Bingo Maker set up the games to make it pretty simple. You can all get on a Zoom call, FaceTime, or other video chat if you use a bingo service that doesn’t include video.

Movie Party

virtual birthday parties movie

A bunch of different apps have made it easy to have a movie night with friends while social distancing. Between Netflix Party, Kast, and TwoSeven, you can watch just about anything streaming with loved ones. Make it a party with some awesome snacks and a birthday cake.


Dance Party

virtual birthday dance party

Send a playlist out to parents before getting together on a video chat. Get creative. Have the kids challenge each other with TikTok dances. It’s a simple and fun way to get everyone to shake off the stress of this time and have some fun.

Video Game Party

virtual video game birthday party

A number of video games can be played online with ease. If your kids are really into gaming, chances are they already subscribe to an online network through PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. Set up a time that works for all the kids and let them forget the world and have some fun.

Board Game Party

Board Game Party

If your kid is more of a board gamer than a video gamer, fear not. Pogo allows you to play a number of classic games via cellphone, tablet, or computer. For less mainstream board games, Tabletopia lets you play with friends. Make sure your pick is age-appropriate for everyone you’re asking to join in!

Makeup Party

makeup palette

Much like a painting party, this takes some footwork. You can send the participants each a certain makeup set or a set of brushes to get them on their way. Then throw on videos from the crowd’s favorite YouTuber and see what looks they can re-create. Because this is the kind of thing that different families have different feelings about, you may want to contact parents of participants first to make sure issues don’t arise.

Lego Party

Legos offer endless possibilities. They’re also something that most households with kids have in spades. You can DIY it by sending out kits for the kids to build together on camera.

There’s also Snapology, which offers to set up a virtual birthday party for up to 20 children. Each private event includes a Snapology instructor who leads the children in fun and engaging activities.

Craft Party

virtual craft birthday party

This is one that you can also DIY or find a local organization to work with. Companies like The Lanyard Ladies mail out craft kits and set up online meetings for kids to do it together. For the child who loves to explore their creativity, this can be the perfect solution. If you’re looking to put it together yourself, consider which crafts you can easily get and distribute supplies for.