You Won’t BELIEVE What Survived A Typhoon! They Found Him Clinging To Life, But Still Alive!


In the wake of Typhoon Matmo and just outside Taipei, Taiwan, an animal rescue organization rescued a tiny kitten named Matmo who was found sopping wet, helpless on the ground. As the camera pans in closer, I was blown away by the sight of this small animal that so desperately needed help — and amazed that he was even saved in time.

Today, Matmo is happy and healthy in his foster care home! He’s recovering very well, his conditions have improved and he’s safe and sound in a loving environment with food, shelter and lots of cuddles. AMAZING!! This kitten is a MIRACLE!

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*A note from Sean, the man who we see picking up Matmo: Some are criticizing the fact that I’m not cuddling the kitten in this video. Kittens and cats bite very hard, especially when they’re feral or scared, and the last thing we would want is for him to be dropped back into the busy road and watch him run off into oncoming traffic just because we assume he’s friendly. Whenever we rescue cats, we always pick them up by the scruff until they are in a safe, secure place. As it happens, this kitten hisses and scratches a little when approached, as many scared little kittens will. Matmo was warmed in the car by rubbing with towels. He was unsure of his surroundings but not protesting at all. When held, he chose to climb up and snuggle into my neck.

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