He Went To The Park, And The CUTEST Thing Happened! SO Adorable!


It’s official. People all over the world are packing their bags this very instant and moving to Australia. And why wouldn’t they after seeing something as cute as this?! I mean really? A fuzzy wombat demanding some cuddle time? I’d be in heaven!

Wombats are Australian natives and part of the marsupial family. People do own them as pets as they can be tamed, but they are still typically wild animals that can show aggression. At 1:10 when he rolled over to have his little tummy rubbed it took everything I had to keep from reaching out and petting my screen. I’ve never seen a wombat quite like this before, but this one looks like he’s just as cuddly as my pup, and just as cute, too! Well, maybe not as cute as my little tail-wagger… he’s the cutest, but almost!

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