When Mom Wasn’t Looking, These Newborn Piglets Did The CUTEST Thing! Aww!!


The San Diego Zoo is home to a diverse family of animals, each one more amazing than the next! Whenever a new baby arrives, it’s always an exciting time for everyone at the zoo, especially when they are as cute as the two piglets in this video.

Visayan Warty Pigs are a critically endangered species, due to habitat loss, food shortage and hunting in their native home of the Visayan Islands, central Philippines. The San Diego Zoo became the first zoo outside of their homeland to house and breed these amazing animals.

In this video, two curious and excited 4-week-old piglets run, jump, climb and nurse from their mama. Animal care supervisor at the zoo, Bob Cisneros said of the adorably piglets, “They are continually learning new behaviors and spend most of their day engaging in play behaviors, though like any newborn, they sometimes take the time to nap in their beds of hay.”

Since the San Diego Zoo began the Visayan Warty Pig Conservation Programme in 2002, they have had 80 births of the diminishing species. For anyone who says that these animals should be in the wild, where they have no food and are hunted daily, this is proof that they are way better off in their home. Just look how happy they are!

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