[Caught On Camera] This Bad Driver Gets What He Deserves!


This video is so ironically perfect, it’s almost too good to explain! On a news segment called “People Behaving Badly” a reporter is at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco attempting to catch some dummies doing stupid things on the road. What he got was almost too good to be true! The reporters cameras caught a motorcyclist miss his exit and do a U-turn and drive down the wrong side of the road. What happened next was just ridiculous…

The man approached the reporter and attacks him for “putting the camera in his face”. It seemed to me like the reporter was just filming the road and doing his job when someone felt a little bad about his own wrongdoings. This is a great lesson in karma for just about anyone. The reporter didn’t even have to do anything and he helped police catch someone who was a real danger on the road.

This is exactly why you should always check yourself before you go ahead and accuse people of messing up. Hysterical! Please SHARE this awesome video.

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