This Is What Happens When A “Vicious” Pit Bull Meets A Tiny Kitten


There are many people out there who think pit bulls should be a breed of the past — but it’s videos like this one that show another, much different side.

But to counter this terrible anti-pittie attitude, hundreds upon hundreds of videos have begun to hit the World Wide Web. Videos proving time and time again that a dog is only as good as its owner, videos capturing beautiful Pitt Bulls gently playing with little girls! All of these provide more and more proof that these “vicious” beasts are actually just misunderstood sweet hearts that want to play with their friends.

In the video below, Mom brought home the most adorable kitten I’ve ever seen, and the kitten was blessed with a (very) big sister — the family pit bull. This video captures the earliest encounter between the two new siblings, and well…you really just have to watch it. All I can say is that these are two of the biggest sweethearts, and we need more videos like this one to dispel the stigma attached to this wonderful canine breed.

Please let all of your friends and family know that pit bulls are dogs that just want a scratch behind the ear. Any dog that’s aggressive or mean only ended up that way because they were trained improperly! These amazing animals were born and bred to love their humans!

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